I would like to take this opportunity to thank the almighty creator of heaven and earth for what he has done unto us. It has been a great challenge for us,
journalist to achieve our goals but with his grace we have made it. I will start by acknowledging & appreciat- ing our dear principal Mr. Aliva for his effort to see that the school is evolv- ing and moving to greater heights. For us we could no t achieve without his sup- port. Dear reader, I shall bear blame if I will not give thanks to beloved patron Mr. Chisienya for his ef- forts to the club, to see that we are achieving our goals. The discipline of the school has greatly improved because of his ef- fort. The act of booking people to work for the school has made the student to change their attitude. He has also trans-
formed the school by participating in the community work by even cleaning the ablution block. For me I have never seen a deputy principal working with student but I have witnessed from him. I would like to thank the school adminis- tration, the DOS, exam department, the G&C department, club & societies and all departments for ensuring that the school is changing positively. Indeed the school is newly born with new spirit of new dawn Finally I wish to thank my fellow club members whom we have worked with in ones with motto Together we Succeed to achieve our goals. I have a lot of confi- dence that Musingu will not remain the same if we are united. Let him sees in se- cret answer our prayers in public. God bless Kenya, God bless Musingu, and God bless you so much.

By Nailala Thomas








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